About Lolo's Food

   We produce delicious Caribbean cuisines with a spice Island background promoting healthy wholesome eating. Our dishes are made with Farm fresh Fruits and vegetables, we use a green herbs and spice based marinade imparting a flavor profile quintessentially Caribbean in character. We will serve dishes such as Jerk, and curry which are popular but also Palau and Oil down which are traditional signature dishes. We will also serve Chef specials created from american favorites. We aim to bring efficient service without sacrificing quality.  

Chef Loen (Lolo)

 Loen Alexander Proctor

I am a chef with a passion for both cooking and taking care of people. I have spent my life trying to become what I have admired about my grandmother growing up, she grew her own food, fed anyone who was hungry and was always willing to care for everyone in need. I intend to own a restaurant serving her favorite dishes, remembering how I worked by her side as a child. I cooked for my family, friends, parties, and weddings as a young adult. After spending 7 years as a certified medical assistant, with much encouragement and support from my husband and family, I decided it was time to develop my skills as a chef. My husband and I grow most of what we eat including vegetables & seasonings. I attended August Escoffier culinary school for a certificate in culinary skills. I worked as a chef for the Chesapeake Catering and Chesapeake Chef Service developing my skills. My team and I share a common goal – making great food! We are always looking to get better and better so that you always have a great place to eat. We are polite and always ready to connect with our customers. 

Lolo's Vibes Aim

Build long term relationships to provide Farm-to-Table fresh produce and quality products, develop a menu that will cater to all diet types, provide quality wholesome food at reasonable prices so that customers have a choice. enrich my community by partnering with local services or developing a meal program that will provide meals for the sick and elderly.