Vibes Services

We seek to improve the value of our community, by enriching our customers with healthy and delicious dishes prepared with quality farm fresh produce. We accommodate for all main diets and aim to ensure that all our customers are satisfied after every meal.


Vibes Catering

Let us bring our good vibes to your event!

Looking for something wholesome and delicious for your event? 

Check out our Catering Menu.

We deliver our delicious food to areas around the Eastern Shore or you can stop by our TBA designated areas to pick it up.

 How it works: Just give us a call, let us know what you crave, we'll check your area and send you a quote.

Vibes In-Home Dining Experience

Lolo's Vibes Offers Private Chef Service for small parties and special occasions and private dining:

Private brunch, lunch or dinner party (maximum 10 people) including Date Night for couples.

How it works: You provide the kitchen and it's accessories, we turn your home into a fabulous restaurant and take care of the menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking and clean-up while you enjoy the good food with good vibes!

Vibes Event Planning/Decorating